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If you are from Northern California, especially the Bay or Sacramento areas, maybe you have heard of these four musician guys.

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They “do the thing”. “The thing” is rock people’s faces off with a catchy brand of Melodic Rock in the vein of East Bay Rock legends Y&T and Sacramento’s Tesla. “They” are San Jose’s Dave Friday Band.

Guitarist and backing vocalist Jimmy Arceneaux says it went down like this: ‘So on December 29, 2017, I get a phone call from Dave Friday, asking, "Hey man, do you think you and Stevie (Loveless, DFB bassist) would be into getting something together?’ I asked him to send over some songs, and I am like 30 seconds into hearing one track, and was immediately on the horn saying "I'm in... and let me talk to Stevie."

“It wasn't long after that, we were talking about setting up rehearsal time. Ironically, Stevie and I had always wondered how Dave would do, surrounded by the ‘right’ guys - and here was the opportunity to find out.”

Two months later, drummer Saro Orfali joined, completing the band’s lineup.

In the Beginning
Dave says, “I was in the band Madman's Lullaby for almost six years, and I left because I needed to pursue my own music. Since 2005 I had written and recorded over 150 original songs and I needed the world to hear them, and not just stay locked in my computer forever.”

 “I began recording the album in December of 2015, after getting a phone call from (Bay Area recording artist and producer) Johnny Lima, saying that he wanted to produce a record for me and help get these songs out there. The songs were already written, and some were even written 18 years
ago like “Modern Day Flash Gordon”.”

“We sifted through the many songs I had recorded over the years to be put on the album. Some songs we even took apart and put parts in different areas of a tune. In other words, this chorus would work better on this song, and that verse works better as a bridge, etc.”

 “After working a year and a half with Johnny, I finished the recording at Neil Evans’ recording studio. Neil was now producer and executive producer, and I was producing the record with him. There we finished the album in six months. After all the tracks were finalized is when my good friend (Y&T bassist) Aaron Leigh mixed the album. Stevie  and I stayed with Aaron, and he worked on that record day and night. Not to mention the days he worked on it when I wasn't there. After it was mixed we sent it to Rick Vierra over at Rocker Studios (in Santa Cruz) for mastering and that guy put the final touch on the album making it sound incredible.

Since the late 2017 release of Life Imitating Art, the Dave Friday Band has warmed up audiences  at legendary venues such as Chicago Melodic Rock Fest 5 The band and crew recently had a blast at Day 2 of the 3-day Melodic Rock Fest V in Chicago on May 5, getting to share the stage and hang out with legends like Chicago’s own Jean Beauvoir (The Plasmatics), Sweden bands H.E.A.T and Crazy Lixx, as well as fellow San Jose bands San Jose Sindicate and Madman’s Lullaby.

“Melodic Rock Fest is like nothing you have ever experienced before”, Jimmy explains.  “Bands, vendors, staff at the venue, even security - smiles everywhere. People sharing stories and experiences with each other. People from all over the world - coming to see bands that are all very good at what they do. It gave me hope - hope that there are still people out there that are true believers. Music means so very much to them, and it often reminded me of the days when you could go to (the now-defunct Oakland, CA club) The Omni, and everyone there was just there to have a good time.”

Dave Friday Band:

Dave Friday: Lead vocals and guitar.
Day Job: Guitar instructor.
Favorite DFB song: “Don’t Say it Like You Mean it”.
Influences: Fleetwood Mac, Y&T, Tesla
Jimmy Arceneaux: Guitar and backing vocals
Day Job(s): Graphic Designer, Talent Buyer.
Favorite DFB Songs: “Modern Day Flash Gordon”, “Don’t Say It Like You Mean It,
Influences: Gary Moore, Black Crowes, Kiss, Sabbath, early Alice Cooper.
Stevie Loveless: Bass and backing vocals.
Day Job: Event Production.
Favorite DFB songs: “Here I Stand”, “Red White Bullet Blues”.
Influences: Aerosmith, Guns N Roses, Motley Crue.
Saro Orfali: Drums.
Favorite DFB Song: “Modern Day Flash Gordon”.
Day Job: 3D Modeling Artist at Niantic.
Influences: Steven Adler, Tommy Lee, Tommy Aldridge; Motley Crue, Guns N’ Roses, Def Leppard.

“I also got to meet a personal hero of mine, Jean Beauvoir, who not only was in the legendary Plasmatics, but has written hundreds of songs, that many of you already know. Yes, me as a total fanboy, he was beyond gracious to me.”

Arceneaux continues, “It's surprising to us, considering our debut show was in June 2017, that we are barely a year (old) "live", and have a ton of great show offers coming in. We are also working out songs for Album Number 2. Essentially, we are just getting started, and we are always amazed at the support people have for us, it's a trip. It really is. We get off on what we do together as a band, and I think that shows on stage whenever we play.”

What’s Next for DFB?
Says Dave: “Myself and the boys in the band plan on being in the studio sometime in June to begin work on the next DFB album. All the songs are there, but we keep coming up with new songs that just kick ass. Just the other day in fact, Stevie and I were jamming and he started played some chords and the next thing you know we had written a new song in about 10 minutes, and I love this song. This next album promises to be a kick ass record, and I can't wait for people to hear it.”

The band is scheduled to play in the support slot for ‘80s Rock legends Dokken at Ace of Spades in Sacramento on Friday, July 20.

DFB on Video
To date, the band has done two music videos - for the songs “Get it On” (directed by Jimmy Crews) and “Love is Overrated” (directed by Karen Alvarez). In the first three months since its release, the video for “Get it On” had over 50,000 views from YouTube visitors.

On Dave’s Guitars
“I've always been a Les Paul, Telecaster and Charvel guy. For many years my Gibson Les Paul Studio was my main guitar, but the weight of it was murder on my back. Then I got my Epiphone les Paul with ZW EMG pickups which I also have in my Gibson. There's isn't much difference in sound and my Epiphone is so much lighter. However just recently I've been endorsed by Gatewood Guitars, and I couldn't be happier with the custom guitar that was made for me. I have the best of both worlds with that guitar because it's half Les Paul and half Telecaster. It sounds amazing, it's not heavy and the playability is unreal. I was introduced to Dean by a friend of mine named John C. Goodwin who is an avid player of Gatewood guitars and I was shocked when I played his. Dean Gatewood is a master with his guitars and I'm not just saying this because I'm endorsed with him. I knew long before I was welcomed into the Gatewood family that these guitars were something very special. My next Gatewood I would like to get is one of his Flying Vs - These guitars are insane!”

Video link for “Love is Overrated” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=40AkhWHZeR4

DFB on Social Media:
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/DaveFridayBand/

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/thedavefridayband/

Life Imitating Art is available at DFB shows; also digitally at iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon Music, and stream it on Spotify.