Meet Singer/Songwriter Bella Romero


Recently, we caught up with the talented singer/songwriter Bella Romero! It was a pleasure to get to know her! Thanks Bella!

DV:  How old were you when you began singing?

Bella: I've been singing ever since I could speak!

DV: What is your favorite genre of music to sing?

Bella: It's hard for me to chose since the music I sing is very diverse. If I had to chose it would be pop with an R&B twist to it.

DV: How did you get into the industry? Are you or will you be signing with a label or remain independent.

Bella: My dad is famed musician so I grew up touring with him and all, so I was always exposed to music. As for now I am not signed but aim to be.

DV: Who are your favorite singers? Mentors or Inspirations?

Bella: Some of my favorite singers are Aretha Franklin, Whitney Huston, Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato, many more haha.

DV: Do you have an album?

Bella: I am currently working on writing my EP!

DV: Where can your fans find you? Or catch a live performance?

Bella: Currently my fans can find me on my social media platforms but for now I'm not doing many life performances. I definately want to start performing more though!

DV: Hobbies? Interesting facts about yourself?

Bella: My hobbies are paddle boarding, dancing, and playing the electric guitar!

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