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Thanksgiving is upon us and we all have so much to be thankful for, including the delicious turkey we all over indulge on year after year! Recently, we found some fun facts about the Turkey! Did you know that during a turkey's life, it's quite social and very playful. They are most comparable to dogs, enjoying their feathers stroked and chirping while you do it. 

Turkeys are born with the ability to see in full color, just like humans do. They tend to stay with their mothers from birth all the way til the 5th month of their life and their mother will fight til the death to protect her baby turkey. 

Males tend to puff their feathers out just like peacocks when seeking a mate. Males are generally bigger than the female and their feathers have a combination of colors throughout, including red, purple, copper, green and even bronze. While the female turkey has much more dull feathers, though both male and female have around 5000 to 6000 feathers! 

One of the funnest facts we found was about Benjamin Franklin. He wanted the turkey to be the United States national bird instead of the bald eagle. 

Happy Thanksgiving!


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