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I’m not sure if anyone is aware of this, but I’m quite the DIY master. Building a table from scratch? Easy. Sewing your own pillows with adorable designs? Simple. Building a dog house? You’ve gotta be kidding me.

Well… Okay, fine. I’m a fraud, a liar. Truth is, I have absolutely no talent for DIY projects and the very idea of trying to do one makes me nervous. I do, however, enjoy searching for and stumbling upon various projects, so I’d say I have an inkling of what a good DIY project should look like! That’s good enough, I’d say. Right…?

Personally, I love any project that involves room decor, but of course I never attempt these type of projects, largely due to the fact that many involve power tools, sewing, or precise painting. (If I haven’t mentioned before, I’m incredibly clumsy and a touch impatient, so the mere mention of these things is enough to send me running!) Because of this, it’s not difficult to imagine my surprise when one day I stumbled upon some really simple DIY projects. Out of this world simple. For a moment I thought I was misreading the instructions but no! Without a doubt, I pounced on the gold mine before me and began checking out craft stores nearby. And of course I did find a large list of simple DIY projects, but based on previous failed experiences, I felt it was safest to stick with two for the moment!

Below, I’ve provided the necessary steps and materials needed to recreate these projects, as well as pictures of my own progress. Have fun!

Project #1: Wood Slice Chalkboard

This project is fun for the colder months, when you want your home to feel warm and cozy! Whether you’re using it to count down the days ‘till your favorite holiday or to make yourself a to-do list, this cute little chalkboard is a nice touch anywhere in or outside of the house.


  • Chalkboard paint

  • Small paintbrush

  • Wood slice

  • Chalk

 IMG_7653[1].PNG  IMG_7654[1].PNG  IMG_7652[1].PNG

How to Create It:

  1. Taking your paint and brush, simply start painting vertically on the wood slice. Let the paint set for one hour, allowing it to dry.

  2. Once the paint has had a chance to dry, begin painting the slice again, horizontally this time. While you can definitely cover every inch of the slice, I left the small, light brown border unpainted so that it looked a bit more framed.

  3. When you are satisfied with your work, let the paint set for 24 hours.

  4. After the 24 hours are up, you must “moisturize” your chalkboard by lightly rubbing chalk dust across the top. Admittedly, I skipped this step and saw no problem with the chalkboard. I may have gotten lucky though, so be cautious if you skip this step as well!

  5. (Optional) If you want to hang your chalkboard, you can drill a small hole through the top and tie a ribbon, twine, etc. through it. I skipped this as well, given my terrifying lack of skill with power tools!

Now that you’ve completed all of the above steps, your chalkboard is complete! I had a lot of fun making this chalkboard and it definitely adds a pleasant touch to my room, so I highly recommend recreating it. The materials were easy to find and were reasonably priced as well, which is always a plus in my book! Clearing away any chalk marks is simple too, just grab a damp towel and lightly wipe the wood slice. Also, don’t forget when gathering your materials that it’s fun to play with your options. Wood slices come in various sizes, meaning there are more options when deciding where your chalkboard will go, and chalkboard paint comes in multiple colors. Might I suggest a turquoise chalkboard? Or pink?

Project #2: Canvas “Painting”

Recently, I’ve been focusing on redecorating my bedroom, which is fun, but I frequently draw a blank when it comes to decorating my walls. I’m a student on a budget, so expensive and unique art pieces are out of the question and I am definitely not an artist, so painting anything other than stick figures is a no go as well. So what’s a girl to do? Luckily, I found this project and now I can have pretty wall art at a reasonable price!


  1. Blank canvas

  2. Spray paint

  3. Faux or real leaves/flowers/etc.

  4. IMG_7651[1].PNG  IMG_7649[1].PNG  IMG_7650[1].PNG 

How to Create It:

  1. Unwrap the plastic from your canvas and find a spot somewhere that will be okay to get a bit messy. Outside is best, and if you don’t want the grass getting painted, you might want to find a tarp, old towel, or piece of cardboard to place under the canvas. (I used an old pizza box because I’m just so fancy).

IMG_7648[1].PNG  IMG_7647[1].PNG 
  1. Take your leaves or flowers of choice and arrange them on the canvas however you’d like. I haven’t tried this project with flowers, but the concept is simple enough that it would most likely be successful, so try it out if you’d like!

  1. Once you are happy with the placement of leaves or flowers, grab your spray paint and spray the entire canvas. When you feel you’ve covered enough of the surface with the paint, remove your leaves/flowers and admire your work! The leaves/flowers will have prevented paint from hitting the canvas wherever they were placed, leaving their silhouette on your canvas!

This project is probably my favorite of the two, mostly due to how stylish it makes a room look. My wallet is happy and now so are my walls because of this project! To match the color scheme and general look of my room, I used burgundy spray paint with a satin finish, but at the crafts store, I spotted some metallic sprays, glitter sprays, and matte sprays that would look just as amazing, so keep your options open when doing this project!

IMG_7646[1].PNG IMG_7645[1].PNG

Above is the finished product, but while I was cleaning up, I noticed that the leaves I had used actually looked really nice with burgundy on them. Of course, with this new discovery, I just had to completely spray them with the color, and I was not disappointed! I liked the effect so much that I think now I’m going to find some way to incorporate them into the decor of my house, so keep that in mind if you use fake leaves for this project. It’s a bit of an extra DIY :)

Hopefully these two projects have sparked some interest and gave inspiration to my fellow DIY lovers (whether you are any good at DIYs or not!). I thoroughly enjoyed creating these projects, so stay tuned for more in the future!


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