Love & A Lighthouse

On our 20th Wedding Anniversary, my wife and I decided to go to Monterey and drive The  17-Mile Drive, Monterey, CA. During the drive, I told my wife that I had never seen a light house before so of course she googled one found one nearby and off we went!. If you like, love, or have never been, I would highly recommend visiting a lighthouse.  If not for the sheer beauty maybe for the history of it, it’s quite interesting to learn why it’s still in operation to this day. Since we are in central California, it’s a few hours or less to have a great romantic trip or with family, costs are low to visit most lighthouses, so the trip will be invaluable! Let me describe the particular lighthouse we visited you where you can find this great piece of our history, learn a little bit of California history and enjoy the beautiful California Coastline. .

Point Pinos Lighthouse the oldest continuously operating Lighthouse. Built in 1855 it is still in operation today, ships still come into Monterey Bay. It’s located near Monterey and Pacific Grove, California. It’s a bit hard to see from the road once, so a map or GPS is best. Prices are $2 for adults, $1 for kids 7 to 12, and 6 and under free donation. You can stay in as long as you like. The lighthouse is only closed two days out of the week, Tuesday and Wednesday and open all of the other days from 1:00pm to 4:00pm. During these times the docents will tell the history of the light and the house, explaining why light glass looks broken and even discussing the first light keeper.

For a little history on Point Pinos Lighthouse, the light came on for the first time February 1, 1855 and has never actually been turned off, other than for,  maintenance or a burnt bulb. It has seen its fair share of sunken ships just off its shores and there was one wreck just off to the front of the lighthouse. The docents are quite happy to answer questions and tell discuss the history.

Since I had never visited a lighthouse, I wasn’t sure what to expect, I felt like a child in awe of this beautiful piece of history.  Point Pinos is simply breathtaking, taking in the cool air, waves crashing and the sight of my beautiful wife of 20 years was amazing and leaves on feeling blessed. Once inside I was even more amazed from the original fog horn, to the display of a small bulb that can cast a light large enough to see 17 miles away from the coast.

The living quarters contained two rooms. One room could hold a sailor to warn of an enemy approaching  during WWII. The other held by one of the female lightkeepers. Every thing we saw in those few hours in the lighthouse was a time to just let my mind take me to those times in our history. It was just amazing to visit and to know that every 30 to 35 miles along the pacific coast is another lighthouse.

With all of that said... the next lighthouse we plan to visit will be Big Sur, maybe for the night tour. More about this trip to come soon! We had a great day and a great anniversary and really enjoyed sharing it with all of you!

Happy Travels

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