The phrase, 'May the force be with you' has taken on a truly new meaning! Fitness company, Onnit has great equipment inspired by the iconic movie, 'Star Wars'. From a Hans Solo yoga mat, to Storm Trooper Kettlebell weights, you can fulfill all of your fitness needs at Onnit. 

Don't forget healthy supplements you may need! Onnit has those too, as well as a variety of personal care products! You may be a die hard fan of their Star Wars products, but you can also find Captain America Shield Barbell plates and Iron Man shaped Kettebell weights!

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Don't feel like carving pumpkins this year?! We found some of the best ways to decorate pumpkins without the mess of carving!

Paint your favorite cartoon character!

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Photo - Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons 

 Paint your favorite Constellation!Image result for pumpkin decorating ideas
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Discount Diabetes Supplies! 

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Feeling Boxed?

Ever feel like there is just not enough time in the day?! By the time you go to work, get home deal with anything that may come up, it's hard to fit in some solid grocery shopping time. Especially for bulk items.... Shopping in bulk is great, but the lines and parking... not so great. We recently found a great online service that delivers bulk groceries and household items to your door! Boxed is a great service and offers huge savings on all items. It's simple to use too, just visit and sign up today!

The world has lost another great soul... Adam West was an American actor mostly known for his role in ABC's television series, 'Batman', which ran during the 1960's. He also played the same role in the 1966 film feauture, 'Batman'. While many remember him for his role as Batman, he also held a role in the 1965 movie, "The Outlaws is coming", co-starring with the Three Stooges, the science fiction movie, "Robinson Crusoe on Mars" and in more current times, he performed voice work on a few animated series, "The Fairly OddParents", "The Simpsons" and "Family Guy". In all animated series, he played a fictional version of himself lending us all some laughter. 

 West was chosen for the role of Batman after producer, William Dozier saw West in an ad commercial for Nestle's Kwik. West played a 007 type of spy in the commercial and the producer immediately knew West would be perfect for the role of Batman. 

Prior to his successful acting career, West was an island tour guide in Hawaii! While in Hawaii, he began pursing an acting career and got his actual start as a radio and TV personality at KGBM. He was known as Bill Anderson and was a resident of Honolulu. His first tv appearance in Hawaii was the adventure series, 'Mysterious Stranger'. West also worked in advertising during this time. When he finally left Hawaii, he left for Hollywood with a 7 year contract with Warner Brothers and changed his name from Bill Anderson to Adam West. 

In the 1970's, West battled with alcoholism and overcame the disease, it is said that his mother was also an alcoholic, and suffered from depression. West was known to have bouts of depression at times. Recently, West had a rather short battle with Leukemia and lost... His presence on this earth will be missed.
                                                                                                         RIP Adam West 9/19/28 - 6/9/17

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