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* This piece is a bit different than my others because it simply contains a few my thoughts on something that I realized about myself last week, and I am sure that others will relate. Please enjoy!

It was moving day! As poor, kind-hearted, strong-armed Phil and weary, determined, bird-armed me lugged over eighty boxes from my room on the second story of a house, fondly nicknamed Maehem Mansion after yours truly, in Modesto to a sparkly, spankin’ new, second story, studio apartment in Stockton and tried not to drop any droppables, break any breakables, or pass out and die in the over-one-hundred-degree weather, a thought occurred to me. Why do I have so much stuff?! How do I have all of this stuff?! What is all of this stuff?! What do all of these mystery boxes contain?! Even everything that I can think of that I could possibly own would only take up, maybe, ten boxes. Phil gave me that questioning eye, and I could hear what he was thinking, but far too polite to say. What is all of this crap, Sweet Mae?! And he was right! This stuff had to go!

Since unpacking and organizing, I have taken fourteen boxes and two heaping trash bags filled with clothes to a donation center, and I have been tossing items out like the building was on fire. Anything and everything that I do not currently use, wear, or need or haven’t used, worn, or needed within the last year is gone! My plan is to comb through my entire apartment again to get rid of even more. My MooFace is really digging the extra space too.

And you know what? It feels good. It feels good to have less. It feels good to be lighter and freer from objects, things, and stuff. If this is the case and having less feels better, 


why then do we collect so much? Why, after having been settled in one place for three years, did I subconsciously begin filling up my little nest with possessions? Maybe I just did not notice. Maybe I started hanging onto things for sentiment. Perhaps I simply got 

lazy. Whatever the reason, I am back on track now, and this feeling is too good to not share. If you are so inclined, I encourage a spring cleaning, or rather a summer cleaning, to lighten your possession-burden, free up some space, and feel accomplished about letting go.  Take a note from Eddie Vedder:

“It's a mystery to me / We have a greed with which we have agreed / You think you have to want more than you need / Until you have it all you won't be free…”